The Big Apple Recruiting Team

Here at Big Apple Recruiting, we aim to have a positive morale circulating through our office at all times. As a smaller company, we pride ourselves on an open-door policy and the camaraderie we have established amongst our employees.  Our success depends on the talent, passion and entrepreneurial spirit of our consultants and employees. At Big Apple Recruiting, we recognize the time and effort you have invested in your career and are committed to finding you the job that will meet your career goals. We will uncover your strengths and match them to your professional aspirations.  When you work for Big Apple Recruiting, you will be backed by a corporate culture where we have taken the time to create an environment that fosters fun, healthy debate, respect and consideration for one another.


Big Apple Recruiting has worked across many industries and company sizes from Fortune 100 to medium and small businesses. Our key technology expertise spans pharmaceutical, manufacturing, financial, accounting, healthcare, security services, advertising and marketing, legal, telecommunications, publishing, and chemical clients. Our business acumen compliments our technology understanding to provide for smooth transition and delivery. At Big Apple Recruiting we understand that business drives technology and any successful Information Technology project requires the right business understanding.